Welcome :)

Hello my fellow Earthlings 👻   Welcome to my world 💕 Well lets start off with this my names Freha I'm 23 years young I live by the sea I promise I'm not a mermaid or am I ? hmmm 😉 hahaha I'm only joking. I'm currently working as a dental nurse 💁 working full time takes up pretty much a lot of my time so it never really gives me a chance to socialise so I thought what better way will it be to interact through blogging although I have been wanting to do this for a long time I thought why not actually make it a reality so here I am and I hope you actually enjoy it 💁 . Makeup and Fashion have always been a big part of my life and I wasn't expecting to fall in love   with it so much that I would need to rave about it to you guys. So I'll be including many different aspects of things in my blog such as "Beauty, Fashion and Life" I would probably need to add some fitness posts too so that everyone doesn't think I'm fat (not that I am 😄 )